Gyarariarita (ギャラリー有田) – Review

One thing great about exploring towns on foot is that it burns off calories and makes way for more food, and that is definitely something that is critical for Ms Buddha and I when traveling.

On our recent Arita and Tozan Shrine, Saga – Porcelain Town Roam – Experience after walking for about 2 hours around town, we made our way to a Gyarariarita (ギャラリー有田) nearby for lunch.

About 5 mins drive from the Information centre – use tel 0955-42-2952 for GPS

The restaurant itself is also a gallery for Arita porcelain and also acts as a shop as well – in there, most of the items are authentic Arita produced (there’s a sticker when the item is made in Arita.

Display of the variety of cups

Since we were hungry from walking, we sat down and ordered straight away, it was about 3pm by then so the main menu was finished, although the staff were kind enough to offer us the sets if we want.

Ms Buddha went for the tofu set and I went for the curry rice with fried tofu (I can’t go past a good curry rice).

Tofu Set
Tofu Set
Curry Set
Curry rice with fried tofu
Fried tofu
Soft runny tofu inside

The tofu set was massive, and Ms Buddha enjoyed every bit of it, the main tofu dish in the middle surprised us because it turned out to be a lot more firm than we had anticipated. Although the tofu flavour was very strong and excellent. Her set also had one of the fried tofu.

My set of the curry was also very nice, Japanese curry tends to be more sweet than chilli, but paired with the rice (good rice here!) It was terrific. The fried tofu balls were also delicious and tasted more like fried milk (Chinese dish) than tofu – which turned out to also be a surprise.

We polished our meals while also observing a Hong Kong couple take about 20mins taking photos of themselves and their shopping at another table…

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