Gen Restaurant – Seikai 晴海 – Breakfast Day 2 Review

Because of the weird quirk of having only vegetarian food over Chinese New Year Day, I normally crave for something a bit more substantial the day after. But thanks to Shiosai-no-yado Seikai (潮騒の宿 晴海), who prepared both a breakfast and an incredible dinner for me the previous day, I wasn’t exactly craving, although I didn’t mind.

The breakfast the second morning was at Gen restaurant again, although they changed things up a little and offered us a private room for the breakfast, which was very impressive looking.

Impressive private dining room

You can’t see the trees move, but it was properly windy that morning and the movement of the trees became quite a delightful item to speak about during the meal.

As usual, we were presented with the menus and ask for drinks, I didn’t get anything but Ms Buddha went for the grapefruit.

Breakfast Menu

As a starter, we had the raw ham salad, which was something that invoked my meat desire all over again after a day of vegetarianism!

The ham itself was not salty, which is a plus!

Next came the typical Japanese breakfast set, which Ms Buddha and I have grown very accustomed to during our trip so far, it is always so nice to see the variety of selections available and also the fact that ultimately, eat of these items are very light in nature so you don’t walk out stuffed.

Breafkast set

Ms Buddha and I are particularly fond of grated yam on rice, most likely because we saw the movie Midnight Diner and while back and it was a fantastic film about how comfort food is ultimately the best food!

As we ate our ham earlier, there was also freshly cooked rice being made in their individual pots!


Fresh fruit was given to add a bit of sweetness to kick-start our digestion and it’s always nice to have fresh fruit in the morning!


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