Usuki (臼杵市) Roam – Usuki, Oita – Experience

As part of the tickets to the Usuki Stone Buddhas, we also got tickets to enter the Usuki Museum, before we entered, we walked around the town of Usuki, which turned out to be quite a tranquil experience.

Use Map Code: 0972-65-3300

Along with the tickets you get, you also get a drawn map of the town of Usuki, and not too far from the actual Stone Buddhas, you can take a long route around the town, with the weather being cool and perfect walking conditions, it would be stupid not to.

View of Usuki

Being a town of just around 41,000 people spread across almost 300 square kms, you really get a sense of tranquility as you take a stroll around the central area.The main area is surrounded by farming field that would’ve been filled with crops during the warmer months; in keeping with the Buddha theme, there were also a temple on the other side of the farms.


The temple itself apparently houses the protector off all the Buddhas in the area, including the Stone Buddhas, but what was interesting was that even this master defender has his own minion defenders.

Mini Protectors

After inspecting the temple a bit more, we continued our roam and came across one of the more interesting things: dotted around the fields, there were stone plaques which had famous sayings of old scholars written on them.


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