Menya SaiSai – 麺屋彩々 昭和町本店 – Osaka – Review

To many people who aren’t familiar with ramen, the type that they’ve most likely have had is the pork bones ramen (tonkatsu) soup base – and although tonkatsu is still the top ranker for me, there’s now a new contestant who is fighting for the top spot. I introduce Menya SaiSai – chicken soup based ramen.

Japan, 〒545-0021 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Abeno-ku, Hannanchō, 1 Chome−1−46−8 Closest station is Showacho

Menya SaiSai is a bit of a trek from central Osaka – but there’s a station nearby (Showacho Station) – we went for a cab instead (long story) – but when we got there, even though it was late lunch already (1:30pm), there was still a decent line – so we took some photos. Look at all the awards!


Look at the awards!

The menu is pretty basic, there’s no English (“Ego”) menu, so I used the magic of technology – Google Translates instant feature – and translated the menu – basically, there’s chicken soup; there’s double chicken (thicker but limited) soup, there’s salt, there’s mixed.

After traveling so much, simple menus are the best!

Both Ms. Buddha and I went for the chicken soup (because they ran out of the limited thick version) – I also had a serving of rice to go with it.

A properly delicious bowl of ramen…the soup is amazing!

Firstly, I have to say, if you’ve never had this or you’re going to Osaka, you should make a trip to this place – it is properly good soup base. The soup is very smooth and packed with flavour, and because of the care taken with making the soup base, it doesn’t look fatty, and cloudy – I’ve had great chicken soup (Ms. Buddha’s dad is an expert) – but this tops it – apparently they go through a heck load of chicken bones to make this on a daily basis.

To top off the meal – I also added the rice into the remaining soup to suck up the rest of the soup – just perfect.

Japanese rice with good chicken soup – bliss

And of course, with great soup base like this, you cannot, and I repeat, you CANNOT, waste it.

Don’t stop until you see the logo….

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