Touryuumon (登竜門), Naha, Okinawa – Review

When it comes to Japan, one of the must have foods for me as soon as I arrive is ramen, oh glorious ramen – whilst there are “good” ramen outside of Japan like Gumshara in Sydney, the ramen here can be “great”! So soon after arriving into Naha after a convoluted way of getting here – Ms. Buddha and I were looking for something to fill our bellies – so off to Touryuumon we went!

Japan, 〒900-0015 Okinawa-ken, Naha-shi, Kumoji, 2 Chome−11−16 Phone number for GPS: +81 98-988-0044

The store itself is famous for its chilli ramen – which is similar to normal Dan Dan Noodles that you find in Asia – the store is located off the corner and actually hard to miss.

Can’t miss the ramen signs
Shop sign

We got there about lunchtime so there was a minor wait as people finished their meals – the first thing that struck me is that Okinawans seemed a little more laid back compared to anywhere else in Japan, there wasn’t even a ticket machine – more a sit down and order – the girl running the shop was super nice! Menu wise, when things are good, there’s no need for too many varieties.

I like small menus
The original is No.1 – just under 900 yen
Bench seats
I like the raw decor

We ordered the most original (no. 1 on the menu) – and also a side of fried dumplings to share. The dumplings came first and despite the fried nature – the filling was incredibly juicy and a good start to the meal – I suggest having it with the pepper!

Perfectly fried and juicy dumplings!

Shortly after, our ramen came and the soup base was delicious with a good strong punch of sesame flavour – the chilliness could’ve been hotter – with the “mince bomb”, make sure you mix it in the sound because it adds a good texture to the soup.

Make sure you mix up the mince ball

In terms of deliciousness – Touryuumon does ramen and soup bases quite well – whilst not the best bowl I’ve ever had – it was delicious and worth making a trip for – I certainly finished it!

Mission accomplished!

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