Eminomise (笑味の店), Okinawa – Review

One thing that people normally associates with Okinawans is that they have the largest number of octogenarians in the world, and when asked about their lifestyle, diet always comes into play – they prefer to eat fresh and eat natural. So when Ms. Buddha was doing some research, we selected a place famous for their own grown products but also a place that is literally just a hut on the side of a highway.

Use phone number +81 980-44-3220 on GPS to get there

Although the place is out of the way, it’s very comfortable and the lady who runs it is also very friendly! The decor is very Okinawan and gives a feeling of being basic but homely.

Store front
Peaceful and quiet when we arrived


Bathroom for chubby and fat people

The menu is also quite simple (which I don’t mind because if you do some things well – you don’t need to do a LOT).

We went for the less substantial set

We ordered the basic set of rice balls and veg which came in no time (they actually ran out later). The rice ball tasted delicious and you can really feel the freshness from the ingredients – the sides and vegetables were also amazing and I think you can really feel the love and effort from the farmers and chef – whilst a simple meal – it was hard not to feel happy afterwards.

A healthy set

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