Kamo River (鴨川の土手) – Roam experience – Photo Gallery

One of the main rivers that runs through the city of Kyoto is the Kamo River – which ferries the water from Mount Sajikigatake from up North. Spots along the river is also one of the nicest areas in Kyoto to just stroll and take in the surroundings – especially during cherry blossom season. We started not far from the Hakata Nagahama Ramen right next to the river.

Click here to locate our starting point!

Just stepping to the edge of the river enough to take your breath away –  and honestly it still remains one of the most beautiful places where I can just relax and follow the endless path enjoying the tranquil sound of the river – the pictures, whilst beautiful, do not do the actual place any justice! Make sure you visit it yourself!

And of course, I have to mess around with the panorama function.

Much loved panorama shot!


  1. Your photos and reviews look astonishing! Those trees look really nice and it seems like the people like to sit there to relax too. Would you say this is a good place to take a girl on a date?


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