Xiao Wu Beef Noodles (小吳牛肉麵), Taipei – Food Review

One type of food that is famous in Taiwan is their Beef Noodles – pretty much all tourists (unless you’re vegetarian) would have at least one bowl of beef noodles during their visit – Ms. Buddha and I were no different, although having the flexibility of the car allowed us to visit shops that are a little bit harder to get to; although with Uber being used a lot more now – it makes the city a lot more accessible – we choose Xiao Wu Beef Noodle.

The shop is a tiny shop wedged in a corner on the ground floor of a building – there’re many other beef noodle shops around the same block for those who want more than one – parking was actually quite easy – although generally there’s more scooters than cars.

Just minding its own business
Stop looking at me cleaning myself…

One customary thing to do when you visit a beef noodle place is the additional snack side dish that you just get to pick out yourself – normally they are in a fridge and you just take the plates you want – owner will sort out the cost later.

Side dishes galore!!

I went for some fatty marinated pork and Ms. Buddha added some pickled cucumber – the pork had really excellent texture and weren’t too salty – which is always a good thing! Cucumbers were also nice although I’d prefer if they had a bit more sourness to them – nice and crisp though.

Pickled cucumber and marinated pork

Next up was the noodles – in this case – we ordered one offal soup and one traditional beef noodles (mainly because we were so full from before). One confession for both of us is that neither Ms. Buddha nor I are great fans of the type of noodle used in traditional beef noodles – but these were quite nice texture wise. The soup base was similar across both bowls – although the offal soup seemed a little “deeper”, with the excellent quality and flavourful beef used – the soup base itself became the highlight of the bowl – all in all – it surpassed by expectation!

Offal soup
Traditional Beef Noodle

These shops are normally family run – which means that you feel a lot more of the love of the local attachment 🙂




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