Wah Kee Store (華記士多), Sai Wan Ho, Hong Kong – Food Review

When it comes to food, I’m a little different in the sense that I like don’t just favour or chase Michelin Stars, in fact, Ms. Buddha and I don’t actually bother about whether a restaurant has stars or not, if it is good food, it is good food – doesn’t matter if it’s down an alleyway – enter Wah Kee Store.

The store itself is actually a tiny corner shop with a kitchen and seating along an alleyway – famous for their egg rice. By alleyway, I really do mean you’re sitting in the gap between to buildings.

The menu is simple, you get curry egg rice with cheese, without cheese and meat with rice – that’s it, the most expensive item is curry egg rice with cheese, which will set you back about 40 HKD.

Keeping it simple – 3 options menu stuck on the wall

Both Ms. Buddha and I went for the curry egg rice without cheese on this occasion and the food was freshly prepared – the serving size is enormous given the price.

In terms of taste, the curry was a Japanese style curry and had a good flavour to it (despite being slightly salty) – the egg was cooked well in my books and still had the often desired runny feel to it.

The highlight was the rice inside though, the fried rice inside were proper fried rice and the flavour and texture was excellent – definitely can have more of this!

Properly good curry egg rice

This is the thing about Hong Kong, when majority of people are chasing down stars, there’re always gems to dig up in the most unlikely of places – these places do not look for fame or glory, they just exist to provide delicious food in an honest way – if only more people in this city can have the same mentality.

Wonder how many boxes they go through a day….

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