Aoshima (青島), Miyazaki – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

Given that this was our second trip to Fukuoka, we wanted to go somewhere a little different with Ms. Buddha’s parents, so instead of just Fukuoka city, we went all around the island, with our first stop being Miyazaki. After getting in touch with nature at Ebino Plateau (えびの高原), we made our way to Aoshima (青島) – an island connected by a super long bridge!

The attraction itself is the island, although connected to the island are shops that is dotted along the way – there’s not much to buy, although the area is quite nice and different.

Now onto the main attraction – the beach – the way there is connected by a lengthy bridge but overall it’s a super nice walk – in particular on weather we had that day was excellent.

One of the interesting thing on the island is that there’s actually a shrine there, which is quite distinct and Ms. Buddha and I quite liked it.

Within the shrine, there’s also a pathway of “wishes” and also a mini temple for relationships!

There was a gentleman wishing for good luck when we were there – the mini shrine is actually pretty in my opinion.

Outside the shrine area – you arrive at a coastal area called the “devils washboard” – which the reason is very self explaining.

Oh! And I also found a new friend at the shops!


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