Cathay Business (HK to Fukuoka) – cheaper through JAL

Holidays are great, but what keeps me motivated is planning for the upcoming future holidays, especially when looking for deals on flights.

Being a Marco Polo member, my miles are mostly tied with Cathay Pacific, so when shopping for flights to my favorite destination, Japan; it was only natural for me to see whether buying a ticket for myself and redeeming a companion flights would be a good deal during the Chinese New Years period. On first investigation – it seems that there was only one direct flight with CX per day (and even then the flight was not direct – as it takes a breather in Taiwan) between Hong Kong and Fukuoka and the price was around 24,000 HKD:

Flight to Fukuoko from HK on CX is just over 24,000 HKD

For some reason the price didn’t seem reasonable to me so I searched another OneWorld airlines (so that I still get miles with CX) and the obvious one was JAL. Searching via JAL, only one flight was available daily to Fukuoka – and evidently, it also turns out that the flight was the same flight as Cathay (via codeshare), and about 7,000 HKD cheaper!

Whilst the exact same flight is 7,000HKD cheaper.

I did a quick check as well for economy, and for the exact same flights, you’ll be saving about 3,000 HKD, but generally, other flights to Fukuoka costs about 8,000HKD, so you’re still looking at a saving of about 1,000HKD if the timing works.



Happy flying.

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