London Markets Food Roam – Borough Market and Maltby Market

As I have previously mentioned, Ms Buddha and I went to the UK for our December trip and one of the places that were La Tua Pasta & Neal’s Yard Dairy -Borough Market Review.

What I didn’t mention was that after Borough Market we walked further and arrived at the Maltby Market very close to the Tower Bridge.

Close to Tower Bridge along the rail

It was a long walk from Borough Market to Maltby, but you always see the most about the city if you walk, and our walk actually took us past many different areas of London, some looked very much like public housing areas with brand new luxury apartments next street over. Ms Buddha and I discussed how these types of new developments are likely putting a lot of pressure on the lower income locals as even buying bread has become more expensive because of the new hip apartments around.

The Maltby market is another one of those up and coming places that are sprouting up across London, locate along a short section of the rail bridge, there are pop-up stores and also cafe/restaurants located in the arches of the rail bridge – we actually spotted another one of the St John restaurants here.

The Market
Right along the rail

There were a lot of different food stalls here – from independent chocolate places to a modern spin on devil eggs. I spotted a devil eggs store and went for it – it was delicious, and the added pepper made the meat taste come out

Devil Egg
Delicious, but may have been nicer even warmer

Ms Buddha, on the other hand, spotted smoked salmon and said that she spotted the same from one of the BBC’s “Food for the Rich and Famous” shows – apparently the suppliers play music during the smoking process – which in my opinion is a bit of a sales tactic – but whatever works right. Ms Buddha’s opinion was that the smoke salmon was good and chunky and not too salty (good!), but didn’t warrant the hubbub.

Smoke salmon brand
Actual name is Hansen & Lydersen
Smoked Salmon
Smoked Salmon on Toast

At the end of the market, there was a stall which had a massive wok cooking some cheese, ham, potatoes and onions – so pretty much what I love – we ordered a container to share – and the lovely owner gave us an extra by making a mountain with the food! (Thanks again). We walked around the corner and found a spot to enjoy our loot – it was really windy and cold, so the hot potatoes and cheese warmed us up. One thing in particular about the potatoes were that they weren’t overcooked – which is important because you end up killing the food’s texture – top notch!

Potato and Ham
Properly good!

With our bellies filled and our legs rested, we continued our hike around London – next to the Maltby market, there’s a place for antiques which was quite interesting and definitely worth a visit.

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