CX510 TPE-FUK Cathay Business Class Meal review

As some of you may already know, we took off for Fukuoka early February 2016 to have an early start to the Chinese New Year.

The direct flights that are on offer from Cathay is not exactly direct in that it stops for about an hour in TPE before taking off again. As a result, we ended up having 2 in flight meals along the way – which I didn’t mind because it meant that I could try more variety of Cathay’s business class meals.

Having flown Cathay business for quite a bit now, you tend to become very accustomed to their way of operating in that there’s always a very systematic flow to them. So after a short rest TPE, we re-boarded the same aircraft via the business queue and were greeted with the same set of friendly and professional crew that looked after us before during the Hong Kong to Taipei leg – we knew which seats we were in and settled ourselves with the pre-flight drinks.

Once the flight was in the air, the purser came around and gave everyone their menus whilst addressing us by our surnames. Even after flying for years, I still seem to rather they just call my first name instead of last – it is just more casual.

Dinner menu for selection

For this round – Ms Buddha went for the halibut while I went for a bit of meat, they both hot and Ms Buddha actually looked at me to saw that she quite liked the fish. The beef rolls were delicious, and what’s good for a change was that the mushrooms were not too salty either; rice however was a little dry for my liking.

Beef Roll
Beef Rolls

What really does amaze me is how much the crew actually gets done within such a short flight time, the flight was about 1.5hrs, and in that time, the crew distributed menus, distributed starters; came around with main and then dessert – and finally did a tea and coffee run while also cleaning the eaten food away; in addition, the business cabin wasn’t exactly small (about 30 people); so good work crew!


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