Yoshinogari Historical Park – Lunch – Review

As with most attractions and parks, the food offerings are normally a little mediocre, surprisingly, our experience in Japan has so far been a little different in that a lot of the times, the food offerings were in fact quite adequate (like at Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum) and if not better than most self proclaimed restaurants in Hong Kong.

On our recent visit to Yoshinogari Historical Park, because we spent a bit too much time walking around exploring, we were already a bit late in the afternoon and considerably past lunch time, as a result, we decided to try the restaurant at the park.

I was on the hunt for a bit of meat and Ms Buddha could do without, so we ordered one set of the Hamburger Wagyu patty with rice and Clams soup with rice.

Clams Soup with Rice
Wagyu Burger patty with rice

In terms of quality, the food was quite good, the patty had a good ratio of fattiness to it although the sauce was a little too sweet for my taste. Along with each set, there was a mochi that acted as the dessert for a simple meal. Ms Buddha finished all her clams and overall she looked like she enjoyed it. One improvement that could have been made was if the food was a little hotter when it is served.

The place was semi-self serviced in that one you finish, you take your set back to the kitchen area for collection, but the owner was so kind knowing that we didn’t speak English to the point that when I got up with my tray, he came over to collect it from me!

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