Street Art – Banksy & Co. -Palazzo Pepoli, Bologna – Experience Review

A good way to really get your barrings around a new city or town is on foot, which is exactly what Ms. Buddha and I did after dropping off our stuff at the Airbnb, Bologna. We took a roam around the city to get familiar with Bologna (wasn’t too hard) but then stumbled upon a surprising exhibit that I just looked and Ms. Buddha and said “I wanna go”. The show was titled “Street Art – Banksy & Co. and was at the Palazzo Pepoli in Bologna – being a pretty decent fan of street art as a genre in general, it was a pleasant surprise to bump into a show!

Front of the Palazzo Pepoli
Via Castiglione, 8, 40124 Bologna, Italy

We actually already brought some groceries, we bought tickets and also asked for some coins to use one of their lockers – the young women there were very Italian (slim and stylish) – but a bit cold for my taste – one was a little friendlier than the rest though.

The exhibit was split into about 3 floors across different galleries and frankly, it was quite impressive – Ms. Buddha and I both got an audio-guide and it certainly made the experience a lot more enjoyable. The great thing was that even though the name was “Banksy & Co.” there were a decent number of “Co’s” there including some of my favourites like DRAN – who kind of has the satirical style of Banksy but I think conveys more of a childish innocence in his works because of the deformed ratio in the characters:


One of my favourites

Other works were also shown there – such as Blu who is a local in Bologna – his art is a bit more morbid – but there’s a beauty in such a direct way of conveying things:

Apart from drawings, there were also a lot of sculpture work, including one that Ms. Buddha and I quite liked because of the “cuteness?” – by Ron English.

Tubby Ron Maccas


And of course, you can’t have a “Banksy & Co.” show without Banksy – they situated his work in the center hall and frankly, I felt a bit bad for the other artists because there were a LOT of people looking at Banksy’s works but other areas were actually quite thin. Of course, Banksy doesn’t need much introduction:


All in all, an excellent exhibit, especially when you factor in the fact that neither Ms. Buddha nor I expected to find this here. We spent about 3 hours here and by the end of it our legs were so tired that we went straight home for dinner!

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