Varenna Airbnb – Geranium Lake View Apartment – Review

As I mentioned before in my Airbnb at Bologna, the way I normally plan accommodation is to look for hotels around the area that strikes my interest first before looking through Airbnb. A visit to Milan is definitely not completed without a visit to the Lakes area – and Ms. Buddha wanted to go to Varenna as it’s away from the general tourist, which also meant that hotel selection becomes a little more restricted. So we selected the Geranium Lake View Apartment via Airbnb instead.

Varenna is quite easy to reach given that it is just one of the towns spotted around the edges of the lake area – in terms of parking – there’s a large parking complex close to the apartments – although you still have to walk about 5 mins – since that the property is actually located on a one way car path (so no parking).

Via Roma, 11, 23829 Varenna LC, Italy

After going up many many stairs

After carrying both Ms. Buddha and my own suitcase up the stone stairs and then the stairs inside – we arrived at a very cute door.

So classic

Once inside, we were given a very quick tour – and to be honest – the place looks exactly like the photos show on their Airbnb place (please visit the page – they deserve all the credit) – but one thing that I want to share with you is the view – there is nothing in the room that can beat the view – I first entered the living room and was completely stunned by the view outside.


Overall – the stay was great – it had clean towels and a proper kitchen, bed was a little too soft for my liking but generally, the place is very comfortable and waking up to the view on a daily basis is just something you can never get sick off. If you’re thinking of going to Varenna, I would highly recommend this place!

Once I gathered myself and the host left, I immediately had to run around the place trying to find the best view!

Just perfect

After unpacking, we had a quick walk around the area before dinner – and I think now is the time for me to hush and just let the photos do the talking – enjoy 🙂


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