Park Hyatt Milan – Hotel Review

A habit of both Ms. Buddha and I when we travel is to stay in the city closes to the airport we’re departing for at least our last night just because it allows for a more relaxed and less of a rush when we do head to the airport on departure date. So Milan was our last city for the Italy trip – we drove from the Lakes area to drop the car back at Milan airport before taking the train into the city of Milan and arrived at Cordusio station – one thing to be mindful of is if there’s anyone who approaches you telling you they can help with buying the ticket at the ticket machine – tell them to sod off because they’re a scam.

Via Tommaso Grossi, 1, 20121 Milano, Italy

The station itself is not too far away from the Hotel, but if you have luggage with you (and we had 2 massive size suitcases with us) – just be aware that there are a few stairs. Once we arrived though, we were greeted by the super professional looking and friendly staff at the Hotel who thanked me for being a member and apologized that they didn’t have room upgrades for our visit but offered us drinks at the bar instead (there was a massive music festival right next door and a lot of VIPs about).

The bell hop took our bags and gave us a tour of the room (really not sure why tours of the room are ever required – but what the heck).

Ms. Buddha immediately took a liking to the room, she loved the design and the finishing is actually incredibly well done – after many years of traveling, you begin to notice when minor items are out of place at hotels – but the Park Hyatt looked perfect.

Initial view when entering the room
My side of the bed
The usual amenities like coffee machine etc.

I think the highlight at the Park Hyatt Milan would be the bathroom – it is huge when you’re comparing it to the rest of the room – along with the bath, there was a separate shower and also toilet – this is also where the safe. Once again the finishing in the place is very good down to the finer details.

The big bathroom

As with most hotels, once of the things I love about staying at hotels instead of Airbnb is the added benefit of there being a gym. So without further delay, Ms. Buddha and I got changed shortly after check-in and went for the gym. The gym itself wasn’t that big, but the facilities are sufficient – and they offered disposable headphones which is a plus (although not very environmental).

Small but good quality gym

With the gym out of the way, we also went out for a quick roam – which had us bumping into something that we saw on House of Cards – Monks making a Sand Mandala.

Around the Palazzo Marino
Sand Mandala
Sand Mandala – Under the BNP building

One thing I have found about most big chain hotels is that they do tend to invest a fair amount on beds and the ones at Park Hyatt are pretty darn amazing for a proper night’s sleep – although I’m someone who likes a firm mattress.

Service wise, the staff were all very very friendly and always willing to help answer any questions about places we want to visit. Overall this place is on my highly recommended list given the location is just smack bang in the middle of all the placed you’d probably want to visit around Milan.




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