CentralWorld Bangkok, Market – Experience

When you visit Bangkok, there’s one thing that you’ll notice and that is that food markets effectively pops up everywhere. With our recent stay at Intercontinental Bangkok [link] – we were located next to this massive shopping center called CentralWorld – outside the shopping center is also an empty field that turns into a mini food market at night.

Just around the corner from Intercontinental Bangkok

Having had a great experience at the Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, we were craving for more market food so we decided to grab dinner at the CentralWorld food market – the market offers up the basics of Thailand street food in a very condensed area – and being a big fan of Tom Yum Soup, Ms. Buddha decided to have a Seafood Tom Yum at one of the stalls while I had just a basic noodles.

Sadly, Ms. Buddha was slightly disappointed in the Tom Yum in the fact that although there was the chilli punch, it wasn’t anywhere sour enough – the prawn was massive though. My noodles were adequate, although compared to the Khlong Lat Mayom, it felt that the food lacked a bit of flare.

Cooked right in front of you
Massive prawns
Chicken noodle for me
Tom Yum for Ms. Buddha

After the noodles, both Ms. Buddha and I decided we should get some food and enjoy it in the living room of our hotel (since that there’s the suite and we can be more casual) – so Ms. Buddha ignored my allergies and went for the mango sticky rice and I instead went for octopus eggs.

The sticky rice was very good apparently, but it is difficult to have bad mango sticky rice when the mango is great (according to Ms. Buddha). My octopus eggs were delicious to begin with, but because Ms. Buddha didn’t want any of it. it just become too filling to even finish.

Mango Sticky Rice
Octopus egg

One thing extra is that when we were walking back to the hotel, we decided to visit CentralWorld for a bit and found a Maisen! Which we recently saw on social media that they have this magic bun that infused an egg and meat together!! Needless to say, we bought one (was about a 15min wait) and it was delicious!

Maisen with Ambassador fruits
Maisen bun!
Just delicious!

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