Cathay CX418 – Hong Kong to Seoul Business Class – Flight Review

One thing that is truly great about Hong Kong is the amount of public holidays you get as a lowly employee – and because of that, there’re a lot of opportunities to take short breaks – and one of the easier breaks is a hope over to Seoul – which is what Ms. Buddha and I decided to do!

CX418 leaves Hong Kong at about 2pm, and because we were booked into business class (and because we were at work earlier in the morning) – we decided to have lunch at the lounge – the closest lounge to the gate is the Wing. Oddly, it wasn’t THAT packed.

An uncrowded lounge
Noodle Bar in the distance
A very familiar view now…

Given that it was lunch, the food offering at the lounge was a good choice of Chinese soups; fried rice and Cathay’s normal selection from their Noodle Bar. The Siu Mai’s at the Wing Lounge continues to be one of the best ones available across the lounges and the Dan Dan Noodles are great! Ms. Buddha loved the soup!

Ms. Buddha approved soup
Continues to have excellent siu mai and dandan noodle

About 30mins prior to boarding, we made our way to the gate which already had a pretty long queue – the fortunate thing is we were flying business class so we still managed to board before the crowd to make ourselves settle in before the flight. We were presented with the menu shortly before a smooth take-off and maybe because I just have a friendly look – but I was provided with a survey (for the 4th time recently) to fill in!

Menu – we went with Bibimbap

For the meal (yes, we’re having more food!) both Ms. Buddha and I both ordered the Bibimbap which is very fitting for a flight to Seoul – the entrée was seared scallops with what turned out to be mango (I’m allergic and Ms. Buddha checked – thank goodness) – the scallops themselves tasted fantastic (best I’ve had on a flight).

Ms. Buddha tested mango…

The Bibimbap came shortly after and came with a pretty nifty microwaved rice – you mix the rice in with the chilli sauce and ingredients – and because you’re dealing with mainly fresh ingredients – the Bibimbap was delicious as well – if only we had that choice during all flights!

Microwaved rice and bibimbap ingredients
Self-made bibimbap!

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