Lau Sum Kee Noodle (劉森記), Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong – Food Review

If there is one dish that is well and truly Hong Kong and all visitors must have, it is Wonton noodles; wontons are something that pretty much all Hong Kongers grow up on and originally served as a cheap meal for the working class; as Hong Kong prospered – people still continued to have it because of nostalgia; a popular place in Hong Kong is Lau Sum Kee in Sham Shui Po.

82 Fuk Wing St, Un Chau, Sham Shui Po

The store is simple but unlike a lot of traditional shops where the staff seems to be in a constant mood of depression; the staff here were excellent!

The super friendly owner couple

Ms. Buddha and I ordered the must have wonton whilst I got the wonton soup plus the dry noodles mixed with a good dose of dried shrimp eggs (costs a little extra – but it’s worth it for the Hong Kong authentic taste!)

The wontons were excellent and packed with flavour; with a good firm texture that makes me love wontons so much! The dried noodles were ever so slightly bland, although it was good that there wasn’t the soapy taste you normally get with egg noodles. The shrimp eggs adds the much required punch!

For those pickled veg lovers!
Dry noodles with shrimp eggs…
…with wonton soup
Wonton noodle soup

If you’re looking for traditional – you really cannot go much further than this place! Well worth the trip across the pond from Hong Kong island.

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