Makishi Public Market – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

For those who are planning to visit Okinawa but don’t plan on driving, they will most likely be spending most of their time in Naha, the main city. Ms. Buddha and I didn’t spend that much time in Naha this time but one of the more popular places we did go to is Makishi Public Market.

Japan, 〒900-0014 Okinawa Prefecture, Naha, Matsuo, 2 Chome−10−1

To me, the market is famous for the fact that they had a very similar location in the game Yakuza 3 – to the point that I was able to go “there’s a bare public area here”.

credits to Gamer Investments

The market itself is popular with tourists, but given that Okinawa, but it doesn’t “feel” busy, which was great. Most of the stores funny enough had a “western” twist to it given the fact that Okinawa is also home to US military base.

Cute little cafes
“Western” stores
Taco rice!!
Okinawan style Tacos

After roaming a while, we managed to find one of the more popular sections (also in Yakuza 3) – it’s located through a small doorway.

Tiny mysterious door to the “market”!

Once you’re inside, it’s like being transported to another market completely because it’s ALL fresh meats and seafood here – for those who are hungry, you can buy fresh raw goods and then take it upstairs to have one of the stores cook for you – Ms. Buddha and I were too full when we visited so had to give it a pass.

Plenty of fresh food sellers
Pork glorious pork!
Seafood to take upstairs!
The most perfect Daikons

Compared to most markets in Japan that we’ve been – the Makishi Market definitely fits the tranquil feel that Okinawa is known for – and a must visit for those visiting Naha for the first time!

A celebrity around here
The cutest Cabbage ever!
Part of me wish this was actual food


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