Hiji Falls – Roam & Hike experience – Photo Gallery

During normal work days, I almost never have breakfast, but when I’m on holidays, I allow myself the luxury of breakfast because I also normally can do a nice run first thing in the morning. But even after a run, I am not someone who refuses more exercise, so after the rice ball meal – we decided to add a hike at Hiji Falls.

Use phone code 01 980 41 3636

The falls is actually quite easy to get to and when you get there, there’s a huge helpful sign highlighting places which may be of interest.

Points of interest North of the Island

There’s a large hut where you pay the entrance fee (memory says it’s about 500 yen) – and we were off!

Cool ancient looking bike
Pay here

The first area of the camp is actually a really flat area where there are stands set up for people who are looking to camp – I suspect that during peak travel seasons, a lot of locals set up tents here and have BBQs – which frankly is a gorgeous place to be!

Flat camping area

For those who aren’t into hikes but just want to enjoy a bit of nature, there’s also a mini waterfall close to the entrance area.

In terms of the path, it’s actually extremely clear and there’re simple English signs that points you in the right direction – on top of that the paths are constructed quite well – although some areas can get a bit steep.

The hike itself is about 45 minutes one way, and it was a bit hot on the day we were there (although excellent weather) – and the fall is truly pretty.

Getting close…
Completely worth it!

On the way back – the path was a little easier (physically less difficult but need to be more careful) – but because I was spending a lot more time watching the ground – it meant that I was able to appreciate some of the local residents!

Little friend – almost got the leaf!
Blue tail friend

For those looking for a bit of nature and exercise, Hiji falls is a good option – not extremely difficult and at the same time, you get to see a lot.

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