JuMing Museum (朱銘美術館) – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

The great thing about museums and galleries that I love is the fact that you can go to most of them rain or shine – but one that you should definitely make an effort to get to if you’re in Taiwan and the weather is great is Ju Ming Museum located in the JinShan District – about an hour’s drive from Taipei.

For those who aren’t familiar with Ju Ming – he is a globally renowned Taiwanese sculptor who works with a huge range of different materials such as bronze, styrofoam, steel, and wood – his most famous series are “The Living World” family series and also the Taichi series. We arrived at the museum mid-afternoon and the weather was just perfect – you can spot some of Ju Ming’s works outside the entrance already (although the place itself is quite out of the way) – tickets costs 250 TWD (~65 HKD) – not cheap but worth it in my opinion.


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The museum is comprised of a large indoor gallery that seems to display temporary exhibits whilst outside is Ju Ming’s own permanent works. When we visited – there was a “Mini World” exhibit which displayed works from a large variety of local sculptors.

Mini World Exhibits

There was a LOT on display, and with all art, there are things that stood out to me, here are the highlights!


Once we were done with the indoor exhibit, it was time to visit Ju Ming’s work – but first, a little history lesson of Ju Ming’s life:

History and Journey of Ju Ming

Ju Ming’s works tends to be really diverse in the themes – which means that there’s always something for everybody – some were more “slice of life”


Whilst others were very much about the pains of war…


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Ju Ming’s son is also following in his father’s footsteps and created a more “modern” zippers series:


Further into the park – there’s also the Taichi series, which is best highlighted by the sheer gorgeousness of the weather on the day! For those who aren’t too into art – the location itself is also excellent for a roam just to relax.


Lastly – in my opinion – this place is difficult to take a bad photo in purely because the surrounding and material is just so diverse – here are my favourite snaps from the day.

In the end – it’s only you that matters
Growing up…
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Me and you….
and her???

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