Taberna Jamon Jamon, Valencia, Spain – Food Review

Great food comes in many different forms and places – and the older I get the more I have deviated away the typical fine dining establishment towards a more relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, and one of those places is Taberna Jamon Jamon.

The place is located in central Valencia and just a short walk from the Central market – you can also spot it because of the bull sign. Once inside the restaurant is a warm and cosy spot to just sit down and relax.

We were a bit full from earlier that day, so instead of having a proper mains, we went for just tapas and shared plates. First dish we went for was some home made Foie Micuit which had an excellent sweet glaze – delicious!

Foie Micuit homemade macerated with mistela and Brandy

Next up was something that Ms. Buddha completely fell in love with, some Bravas Potatoes which had a nice dose of homemade gravy as well. The texture of the dish had a nice firmness to it that I love about potatoes – although for me, the gravy was slightly saltier than I’d prefer – although Ms. Buddha loved the dish enough to polish the plate!

Bravas Potatoes

The great thing about this place is that they’re willing to try different methods of cooking things, and that doesn’t just limit it to Spanish styles of cooking, so when researching, I made sure I ordered the Crispy Prawns. The prawns were cooked to perfection with a nice crunch to it – added with the spicy cream sauce – I could have buckets of these!

Crispy prawns, with a soft cream of “All i Pebre” slightly spicy

Our last savoury dish was pork cheek, which is something that both Ms. Buddha and I love – the cheek is normally a cut of meat that has a good balance of flesh and fat. The cheeks were melt in your mouth and the acidity in the red wine sauce broke through the fattiness of the meat.

Iberian cheek pork glazed with Valencian red wine and potatoes

To top of the fine meal – Ms. Buddha was peckish for some dessert so we went for a Tiramisu, which is a dish she can make herself but always loves to try a different version. A perfect end to the evening.

Valencian version of Tiramisú




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