Phnom Penh Plaza Premium Lounge, KA209 (PHN to HKG) – Lounge and Flight Review

With our Phnom Penh, Cambodia trip sadly over too quickly, it was time to depart, Phnom Penh airport is one of 2 major International Airports in Cambodia and to be honest, Ms. Buddha and I were not expecting much in from the airport when we were leaving – surprisingly though, the departure area was actually quite nice.

Phnom Penh Airport – Departure

The Plaza Premium Lounge

Once checked in – we headed through security which was brisk and once through immigration, we started looking for the lounge. There’s one major lounge in the airport which is run by Plaza Premium (you get a pass along with the business class tickets). We had to wait in line for a bit because another fellow Hong Konger decided to try and argue her way into getting her and 5 other companions into the lounge with one pass – eventually, another staff came and showed us in.

Overall, I was actually quite impressed with the lounge itself, it looked relatively new and the service was friendly and professional – I had a bit to nibble on and also got my go to gin tonic whilst Ms. Buddha actually went and got a quick 30mins massage (she looked proper zen afterwards).

The Flight

Soon after nibbles and massages, we headed to the gate – boarding was smooth and quick and we were seated in no time along with the welcome drink. One thing to note is that Cathay Dragon operates a fleet that I feel is slightly older, so the business class is the regional business class – none-the-less, I had plenty of room for my height.

With most regional business class flights, meal service starts very quickly after takeoff because ultimately the flight is only 2+ hrs, service was very smooth and both Ms. Buddha and I had the amok with rice, to be honest, I felt that it was a little too salty again, which is sadly the case for a lot of Cathay catered meals.

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