Phở Phượng 25, Ho Chi Minh – Food Review

If there is one Vietnamese dish that most people have tried, it is Phở, it is effectively a noodle soup where the base is made from beef or chicken. Ms. Buddha and I are big Phở (pronounced “fer”) fans and living in Hong Kong, you’re often starved for a good bowl – so one of our checklist on this trip was have a nice and proper bowl – and the famous shop in Ho Chi Minh is Phở Phượng 25.

One great thing about Vietnam is that Uber is available (despite being a communist country) – so finding these shops are actually quite easy in the sense that you just plop it on the map. The shop is situated on the corner – with a large “25” sign.

Seating down – we were met with the super friendly and welcoming staff – although they didn’t speak a word of English and we didn’t speak any Vietnamese – sign language (“two bowls”) prevail!

Where the amazing bowl comes from!

When the bowl came – I was already impressed – visually, it is packed with ingredients and the first thing I normally do is take a small spoonful of soup – and Wow! The flavour of the soup is intense without the oiliness that you normally get with typical meat soup bases.

Next was the noodles – the texture was excellent and complimented the soup and meat perfectly – Ms. Buddha and I were silent apart from just smiling like happy kids at each other while eating!

Just wow….

For those who visit Ho Chi Minh and are willing to just hope onto an Uber just for a bowl of noodles – this place is highlight recommended and you won’t be disappointed!

Bum shot!

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