Kawagoe (川越市) – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

One of the things that Ms. Buddha and I have been doing in our recent visit to Japan is to begin exploring areas that are easier to enjoy when you have a hired car, during our trip to Tokyo late last year, we went for a short visit to Kawagoe (川越市) – about 30mins drive from Tokyo.

The town is also known as “Little Edo”, after the old name of Tokyo and the fact that the town has a lot of older traditional buildings. When we visited, the weather wasn’t great but the wetness added to the beauty in the photos.

In terms of shopping, the street is peppered with shops selling little craft knick knacks and also the occasional shop talking about the history of the town itself. Of course, there’re also snack stalls.

But I think for most visitors, the key highlight is for the photos, and I have to say, Ms. Buddha were very pleased with our highlights – enjoy 🙂 Kawagoe is definitely worth a visit if you can find the time to pay it a short visit!


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