Bistro Du Vin, Kennedy Town, Hong Kong – Food Review

When it comes to restaurants in Hong Kong, it’s always a bit difficult to find something that is not too pretentious, especially with many areas going through the gentrification process. Kennedy Town is definitely one of the areas and almost every time Ms. Buddha and I walk around the area, we notice new hip restaurants popping up that are more for show than an actual dedication to food. But within the mess, there’s always gems like Bistro Du Vin.

The restaurant itself is located in a narrow little space close to the waters in Kennedy Town, to find it, just look for the large red sign.

Hard to spot, but just look for the sign

Ms. Buddha and I were really only there for a casual dinner and was pleased to see that the staff were quite relaxed (if not a little local) – that said, menus were presented and we went for just a few items (wasn’t that hungry).

For first item we went for was an antipasti board to share; overall the ingredients were excellent, in particular, the pate had a good livery flavour without being too rich – I would’ve preferred slightly softer bread though.

Excellent mix of items to choose from

Ms. Buddha is a fan of scallops, and I have to admit, when they are done right, scallops are amazing, so we gave this place a chance to impress us and thankfully were not disappointed. Still slightly raw on the inside and nice crisp on the outside, the texture was amazing paired with the butter they used. Presentation could’ve been slightly better but given that I like relaxed v.s. pretentious – I didn’t really mind.

Scallops cooked perfectly!

Last dish (main dish) was a roast pork thigh, and I have to say that the texture of both the crispy skin and the meat was really good, with the flesh actually falling off the bone. Although the cut of meat did not have as good marbling as I would like so you ended up getting chunks of fat, overall, it was great but could’ve done with just a fraction less salt.

Crispy skin pork thigh

Overall, both Ms. Buddha and I enjoyed our “date night” here at Bistro Du Vin, the pricing was a little dear for a casual dinner but the environment was relaxing and clientele were not pretentious. Most importantly, the food was delicious and the staff made you feel like they actually cared.

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