Ebino Plateau (えびの高原) – Roam Experience – Photo Gallery

When it comes to traveling, one of the things that Ms. Buddha and her parents like is a bit of nature and hiking – and given that our trip to Miyazaki had almost perfect temperature – we decided to pay Ebino Plateau a visit.

Parking was ample and for those who needs to get their bearings first before starting there’s the Ebino-Eco Museum to visit – it has some very helpful information and also introduces you to the flora and fauna that calls this area home.


It also recommends for you what you need to be ready:

Look at the determination!

The reason why this place is called Ebino (small shrimps) is because during red leaves season, the shades of red that peppers the area replicates the shade of red that shrimps have – and to be honest, it was one of the most pleasant walks I’ve had in Japan – the path is very easy and the snaps that you’ll get is unbeatable. Enjoy 🙂


Oh, and there’s also the fauna around the area!

Watch where you step…
Little friend kept following me

And finally, for the panorama lovers


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