Amimoto (網元 – 磯料理) – Food Review

Wow, it has been a while of both Ms. Buddha and I being MIA, the main reason is mainly because of the enormous workloads that both of us have been on and also the fact that because of work, we also moved countries – so the last year has just been a year of change.

Things are settling down a little more now and it’s always been on the back of my mind that I need to pick up where I left off – so good thing I still remember a hell of a lot of things along with the notes I made!

We left off on the trip we were on with Ms. Buddha’s parents to Japan, and after the stop to Aoshima, they were starving for seafood so we did a bit of research and found ourselves at a nondescript restaurant called Amimoto.

True to the name, it has seafood themes at the entrance.

[Insert picture of front door]

Once inside the restaurant, there’s something different in the sense that you hear running water everywhere, and the main reason for that is the lobster tanks that built around the seating areas! It definitely adds to the fun ambiance.

[insert restaurant interior photos]

In terms of what’s on the menu, they are mainly hand drawn items dotted around the restaurants supporting pillars – it’s in Japanese but you can guess what they’re selling and also tell how much they cost (so you don’t overspend).

[Menu prices]

Needless to say, the main item at the restaurant seems to be focused on lobsters, so to treat Ms. Buddha’s parents, we started with 2 lobster sashimi – which had excellent presentation to pair with the sweetness that you can only find with freshly prepared sashimi.

[picture of sashimi]

Of course, just 2 lobsters aren’t enough sashimi, so next up, we order a mixed sashimi plate for 4 people, each item were excellent although the highlight for me was the sea urchin!

[Mixed Sashimi plate]

Now time for some carbs, generally speaking, Ms. Buddha can live with very little carbs, but both Ms. Buddha’s papa and I need carbs, especially when I run almost every day before going out. So we went with Roe with rice and also more Sea Urchin with rice (because Ms. Buddha mama wanted more!) Both were delicious and because they also grilled the heads of the lobsters from the sashimi, we were stuffed!

[other dishes]

Normally when Ms. Buddha and I travel, I’d plot and plan most restaurants before going, but because we were with Ms. Buddha’s parents, we didn’t know what type of preferences they’d have, so thankfully, this turned out to be an amazing surprise!

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