INNSIDE Manchester – Hotel Review

Because the first of our stops on our recent trip to the UK was Manchester, we had a short stopover at Healthrow where we experienced the Aspire Lounge at Terminal 5.

The flight from London to Manchester was short (1hr) and with British Airways, overall, pretty uneventful (a positive because you never want a flight with too much “events”) – what did amaze me was how the crew managed to flight check, distribute drinks and crisps, clean, clean again and finally landing checks in the short period of 60mins – good work!

We arrived at Manchester around 7pm, picked up our car and made our way to INNSIDE at Manchester, which is a Massive earthy red building next to the theater area.

Big Red Building

The parking itself is the Qpark closeby, but to get there, you need to take a turn into a small road a bit further from the actual hotel itself. The hotel offers a discount to guests, so remember to ask for the discount ticket when you go pick up your car.

The checkin was very smooth, they offered us breakfast for 10 pounds per person but we declined for the first night since that we wanted to eat somewhere in the city area instead.

We booked the Premium King Room and overall the room was relatively good size, although the bed could have been a bit firmer (being Asian, we like firm beds).

What was a slight disappointment was that whilst the setting of the whole place was made for two, there was only one set of toothbrush – which was a bit weird – I’m sure they would’ve given us another set, but I already had one from the Cathay flight so I didn’t want to waste more plastic just for the sake of it.

The place also has a lightly equipped gym (2 treadmills, a bike and a few weight equipment) – which is always convenient when I like to workout during holidays.

Overall, the place was comfortable, and because the weather got very windy and rainy, we decided to have breakfast here the morning we left to make things easier. In terms of convenience, if you have a car, it is reasonable, although it is a bit of a walk to the shopping area.

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