CX257 HKG-LHR Cathay Business Class Meal review

On our recent flight to London Heathrow, boarding was very smooth (almost no queue at the Business Class lane) after visiting the Wing and the Bridge lounges.

The flight departed slightly later than planned, but given how comfortable Cathay’s Business Class seats are generally, it was just a good spot to get comfortable and catch up on a bit of reading. Menus were distributed efficiently for inspection:

Having tried the omelets before, I wanted a bit of dim sum (on top of the siu mai’s from the lounge!) on this flight. But to start we had a bit more fruits; some Bircher muesli and a roll to begin with. The fruit were much better than the ones available at the lounge, whilst the muesli was also less sugary (preferred) – the roll was okay, but wasn’t soft enough.

Breakfast Starter
Nice pineapples and muesli.

Next was the mains, which I had the dim sums and Ms Buddha had the Congee. The Dim Sums themselves were good, in particular the chicken bean curd roll (I mentioned previously that Cathay’s food were generally too salty, and I think this time thing have improved!). The chilli sauce where Lee Kam Kee’s was probably not much different than a pack of salt (no chilli at all). Ms Buddha however just finished her Congee and left the “churn funs” (assumed they weren’t to her liking).

About 4.5 hours into the flight, Ms Buddha found herself hungry again and decided she wanted a snack, the burger was out so she opted for the tea set. The presentation was sufficient and from the fact that she polished every bit off and also gave the thumbs up, it must’ve tasted quite good!

Tea set
Ms Buddha’s Tea set

Lunch started with a drinks and nuts run where various wines were on offer; I had the Shiraz along with some nuts, being an Aussie, the words “Australian wine” always brings back some memories!

Always welcome some nuts and wine before a meal

Entrée was prawns along with some salad and a roll, I don’t normally eat prawns, but this time they were tasty, but I left the salad since that the dressing was a little too strong (my fault for emptying the entire content of the sauce pack).

Lunch Starter
Nice entree offering

For mains, Ms Buddha had the steak whilst I had the Fish Curry with rice; both were very nice (the steak in particular was not overdone, a rare thing on flights) – one persistent issue with the main was that the beans were too salty – I know they say that on flights your taste buds becomes dull, but salt is salt and my opinion is less is always preferred.

To finish things off, I had a cheese plate – the Camembert and Cheddar were both nice, but was a little disappointed that they didn’t have any variety of blue this time – the port available for this flight was so so.

Cheese Plate
Can’t say no to cheese

With the meal finished, I sat back and watched a couple of documentaries (one amazing one about the LEGO empire!) and we landed into Heathrow about 10mins ahead of schedule.


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