APEX Waterloo Edinburgh – Hotel Review

After our stay at the INNSIDE Manchester, as I mentioned in my last post, we headed up towards Edinburgh with a short leg stretch around Newcastle to visit the GAME ON 2.0 expo hosted by the Centre for Life there.

Our next hotel in Edinburgh was the Apex Waterloo hotel in Edinburgh, built inside one of the older buildings in the area.

Apex Waterloo Edinburgh – exterior

Similar to the INNSIDE Manchester, the hotel itself does not have its own carpark, so instead they have an agreement with a QPark nearby that you can park with a small discount. The carpark is slightly hard to find for first timers (it’s on Greenside Rd):

Turn into the small road where the red circle is and the carpark entrance is not too far down Greenside Road

Once checked in, we went to our room which was incredibly large for just the 2 of us, but for comfort sake, we went for the Master Suite, which contained a living room area to lounge about in, the bedroom area, and also an incredibly large bathroom.

Living Room
Living room – don’t know what the hell is on TV
Bedroom – Ms Buddha had already unpacked

All in all, the place was very comfortable, it has quite a decent gym which works well for my daily run, and was very close to all the places that you’ll want to explore whilst in Edinburgh.

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