Wedgewood Restaurant, Edinburgh – Review

As some of you may have noticed, food takes up a large focus when I travel, whilst lounge and flight experiences are very important to me, I don’t fly every day but I need to eat daily – and I do make an effort to try different places where possible – Edinburgh was no different.

The first night in Edinburgh we visited the Boozy Cow which was perfect after a long and wet drive. The second day we had a fair bit more time and after once again exploring all the nooks and cranny offered by the Royal Mile (there’s a wonderful Museum of Childhood which is definitely a must visit) – we went by to our hotel at Apex Waterloo Hotel to rest a bit before walking (more) to the Wedgewood Restaurant on the Royal Mile.

Actually incredibly close to the Museum of Childhood

The restaurant is located in a small building and quite easy to find, when we got there, there was just a group of about 9 people and us. Staff was professional, although could be a bit more relaxed – having gone through the “Aussie” style of education – I like it more when the waitstaff are more relaxed and happy instead of just “professional” – it adds a human touch.

I love the cold, but one thing that is a hassle is the layers of clothes you need to wear, which also means it’s like taking off armor whenever you get inside. After fiddling around with all the coats (which the staff whisked away for us!) we settled down and had a look at the menu:

I’m someone who enjoys all cuts of meat – and the critical weakness is when I see “Tongue” on the menu – I find it incredibly hard to not order it. So I went with the Lambs tongue which was delicious – cow tongues are still my favourite, but lamb was slightly “fatter” and softer, and for a night this cold, it was great! Ms Buddha went with the Beef fillet with almond milk – she loved the almond milk!

Coriander and pink pepper crusted Buccleuch estate beef fillet carpaccio
Coriander and pink pepper crusted Buccleuch estate beef fillet carpaccio
Pressed lambs tongue
Pressed lambs tongue

Next was the mains, and being incredibly hungry, and seeing “marrow”, it was a no brainer for me to go with a medium rare beef fillet and Ms Buddha went with the Sea Trout (because she had meat already). The quality of the beef was really good, and the marrow added a bit more “oil” to it, but unfortunately, the medium rare came out a bit closer to actual medium, so it was a slight disappointment – that said, the flavour of the haggis jus was top-notch. Looking over, the sea trout looked like the chef timed the cooking much better.

Sesame and soy glazed sea trout
Sesame and soy glazed sea trout
Scotch fillet
Scottish beef fillet

I was very full by the end of the meal and by this time, our group of 9 “dinner companions” may have had a bit too much to drink. Ms Buddha spotted her weakness again, and this time it had “Very” in as a prefix, so I shared in having a small bite of what was a very good pudding (in particular the ice cream).

Sticky Date
Very sticky toffee pudding

After the meal – and being so cold, we equipped ourselves with all the armor again and took a short walk-about the Royal Mile again before heading home. What surprised me was the amount of young (they look about late 20s – which is my age – but still) “homeless” people around the area, I noticed they worked in a “system” but still gave what change I had because it’s close to Christmas, and also, standing out in the cold still takes effort. While I did that, Ms Buddha took a pretty amazing photo of the light setup that night (shame how everything needs a “sponsor” to exist now).

What a view


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