La Tua Pasta & Neal’s Yard Dairy -Borough Market Review

Everywhere we go, we tend to try to visit the local markets to visit what new gourmet trends there are, and after the morning run, both Ms Buddha and I were famished and ready to chew through what London’s market had to offer.

Our first stop was Borough Market, we checked the map before we left for the markets and found that it was about a 25 mins walk – and one lesson I have learnt while traveling is, walking is the best way to explore the city – so off we went. Borough Market is located off Borough High Street which comes off the London Bridge.

We came from the Southwark side though

Upon entering the market, we bought some cheese from the Neal’s Yard Dairy, which is located off Stoney St and do offer some of the best blue cheese variety (we bought one cow’s milk and one goat’s variety – both went down very very well with our friends back home).

Once the cheese is in the bag…it was time to find something to fill up the belly (breakfast for both of us since that we both ran and forwent breakfast). So after entering the market, I spotted a pasta store; being the manipulative person that I am, I suggested to Ms Buddha, “they might have gnocchi” knowing fair well that it was actually me that wanted pasta.

I had already decided on the ravioli before even entering so Ms Buddha ventured into the crowd to decide and get what she wanted.

La Tua Storefront
Ms Buddha braving the crowd

When Ms Buddha returned with two round containers, I was surprised how heavy the containers were, for about 5 pounds, it was great value!

My belly can hardly wait!

Opening the containers revealed my ravioli and Ms Buddha her gnocchi! And what was incredible was that she also added a fair amount of chilli and parmigiana – this is why I am the luckiest bloke alive!

Now the verdict – whether it’s the hunger, or whether the fact that it was just plain good, I have to say that the ravioli was one of the best I’ve had in a long time. The composition between pasta and filling was just right, and the added chilli just brings the flavour of the meat filling out just right! I had a bite of the gnocchi too, and whilst not the best I’ve had, it had the right texture to make this good gnocchi!

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