Culross, Scotland – Experience Review

Growing up in Australia has one very distinct advantage: Golf is cheap. Whether you intend to learn or just hack away, it is cheap compared to anywhere else in the world, and especially in Hong Kong; where it’s kind of become a game of showing of your clubs instead of actually being good at the game.

So it was only natural for me to want to visit the Old Course at St Andrews during the trip to Scotland – unfortunately Ms Buddha didn’t play so I didn’t even bother booking, what was fortunate was that the weather was terrible on the day we drove there so it would’ve been horrid to play in that weather anyway. On the drive there, we made a short exploration stop at Culross:

Just under an hour’s drive from Edinburgh

History has it that Culross was founded by Saint Serf and the legend has it that British princess Teneu arrived there after being thrown off a cliff by her dad (King) after he found out she was pregnant before marriage. She survived the fall and practically drifted in a unmanned boat to Culross where she was cared for by Saint Serf. (more information here). Today the town has about 400 people, which is tiny!

Walking around the small village, it was very tranquil and reminded me of the anime Kiko Delivery Service and made me felt that this place was perfect for movies. Obviously it wasn’t just me who had that thought because apparently some of the scenes from “Captain America: The First Avenger” was filmed here.

We walked around trying to find the Culross Palace thinking that it was going to be massive, but ended up realising it was right next to where we first started, unfortunately it was not opened on the day – possibly because of the cold weather, the outside was still very very beautiful though.

The Culross Palace

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