No.1 Edinburgh Lounge, Edinburgh Airport – Review

One thing that I find makes a hell of a lot of difference when traveling is lounges, especially when the areas around the gates are increasingly getting crowded and difficult to find a bit of room to sit and relax before a flight.

On our recent trip to the UK, our stop before London was in Edinburgh, so we had a flight between Edinburgh to London in the morning. The airport itself was reasonably easy to get through – and we through security quite quickly as we bought an express pass through security because there wasn’t domestic business class flights on offer within the UK.

The great thing about the CitiPrestige Card is the complimentary Priority Pass that comes with it, allowing holders to get into lounges like Aspire Lounge Heathrow T5 for free. (Ms Buddha has a CitiPrestige card as well). We showed our Priority Pass cards and were allowed in smoothly.

Almost empty lounge

Since it was early, there wasn’t much on offer in terms of food apart from some cereal and fruit, there was a small menu to order some hot food and each entry came with one complimentary serving; all you had to do was order at the bar counter.

Given the limited options, both Ms Buddha and I ordered the eggs, and I was actually surprised by the quality – or maybe I just set my expectations a little too low.

Nicely cooked eggs, sauce tasted pre-made though

Thankfully, the gate was right outside the actual lounge, so we were able to just sit and relax until boarding time – although, we went out once because the lounge doesn’t have a bathroom of its own so public was the only option.

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