Takinoya, Noboribetsu – Stay Review

In the last post, I talked about how one of the most memorable places I’ve stayed at was in Japan when we went to Hokkaido in 2015 at the onsen town of Noboribetsu called Takinoya.


And yes, while the food was amazing, some would wonder whether for about 8,500 HKD a night, will the actual place at where you stay be just as amazing – I can confirm that it was incredible!

First, the outside, it was snowing quite a bit when we arrived (to the point where we ran into a bit of a blizzard where I could not see while driving) – so it was incredibly comforting to arrive and have valet parking available – the staff at the ryokan was very polite and friendly. We were whisked away from our car and into the lounge area where our host “Chiyo-san” was introduced to us while she made authentic green tea for us to enjoy. The warm towel offered also had the lightest scent of peppermint – which gave off a “smell umami”. From inside – the snow was an incredible sight:

After settling in and getting warmed up again – we were escorted to our room while Chiyo-san helped us with our bags – it was quite heavy (because I had about 15kg of sake with me) – so I helped her out because I didn’t want to abuse to lovely lady. The room we picked was large and had it’s out little sitting area and most importantly an incredible private bath.

Ryokan 6
Living room which converts into a tatami bedroom while you have dinner
Ryokan 7
Sitting area
Ryokan 8
Incredible bath view

Along with the lovely breakfast and also frankly top notch restaurant quality dinner – Takinoya is definitely a place where you can just relax and enjoy life.



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