Tartes & Pop, Sheung Wan – Review

Living around Sheung Wan, it is a common sight to see shops open then close within a year because of the ridiculous rent – some you want them to close because of the poor quality, but there are those who are quite good and you actually want them to survive the rent pressures of Hong Kong.


This little shop took up a spot in Sheung Wan that Ms Buddha and I never really thought a food place can, so it was a nice surprise for us to try the place out. The place is manned by 2 people – one acting as the sales and the other the tart maker – the person up front is always very polite and nice, which adds a bit more personality to the place – he also packs every tart into their own cute little house.

Very cute container

There are plenty of flavours to choose from, with some staples that are there all the time, we ordered a bunch once and managed to take some photos of the flavours as well.

The pricing is very reasonable for tarts in my opinion and the quality is consistent – one thing I would prefer is if the base was just that slightly softer because of my mild OCD, I like it when things separate neatly instead of me accidentally destroying the thing.

Another suggestion is that they should definitely add contact details to their containers, because right now, even if you enjoyed their tarts, your friends aren’t able to contact them unless they do a search – and most people are lazy!

This is definitely one of the places around Sheung Wan that I want to see survive!


  1. Thank you so much! We just accidentally found this article you wrote about us… This is really awesome! Thank you for taking the time to come, and then write such a review. We agree with you about the details on the boxes, truth is we didn’t even think about it. We will probably adjust for our next production though.


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