St Andrews Roam, Scotland – Experience

Previously I spoke about the short stop at the very picturesque Culross as part of our journey to home of the Old Course Golf Course at St Andrews. Although I didn’t plan to book a game there, it was great to experience the town anyhow. The day was pretty wet and windy so in hindsight we probably should’ve parked inside the town instead of the car park on the edge of the town.

Our first stop was the St Andrews Castle – which is located inside gates which surrounds the property, there’s actually a little visitor center where you pay a small sum to view the castle itself and also a very short tour which runs through the quite colourful history of the St Andrews Castle.

Edge of town

I know that not many people like paying for things like this, but I tend to view it as the cost of maintaining these historic monuments, and the staff here are really quite friendly as well. Once you’re done with the tiny self-guided history tour in the visitor center, there’s a door leading to the actual castle itself.

The castle, or what is left of the castle (when through riots, fire, and other disasters) is actually maintained quite well and on the day we went, there was just Ms Buddha and I because the weather was beginning to turn sour. We took a few pictures and the highlight of this place was the view from the castle.

From there, we made our way to the St Andrews Cathedral, but was told that it was closed on the day, but we can still take a peek through the gates. It was about a 10 minutes walk, but the weather on the day was actually turning quite horrendous to the point that it started hailing. None-the-less, we made an effort to view it and snap a couple of photos.

Well, given that we didn’t manage to go inside and I didn’t get to play on the Old Course, I guess it gives me an excuse to come back when the weather is better! But first impression of St Andrews is that there seems to be a lot more to see that we missed out on.

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