Sushi Shogun, Nagasaki – Review

There’s something about roaming around a new city that is refreshing, I tend to think that every city has its own characteristics and people actually behave differently. One the recent night roam around Nagasaki, most of the stores were closed because we got there a little late as we mistakenly thought that shops would open later. So we made an effort to get back to town earlier after visiting Arita to have a walk around.

Generally, the city itself feels a lot more opened, and previously mentioned, because of the Chinese influence, and because it was days from Chinese New Year, the decorations followed suit.

nagasaki shopping street
Lanterns everywhere!

After roaming about, Ms Buddha and I were hungry for dinner but didn’t want something too oily, so instead we went in search for some sushi. I have to confess here that till today, I still haven’t had sushi train in Japan yet, mainly because sushi train tends to be “fast food” in Japan unlike the perception of sushi trains outside of Japan. Unfortunately, for our novelty sake we didn’t locate a sushi train that looked good so we went for the traditional made-to-order sushi bar Sushi Shogun located on the main road outside the shopping area.

Just off the main road

The pricing here is frankly very cheap! It was about 600 yen (40HKD) for 5 pieces of sushi, and Ms Buddha went for a more “premium” one of 700 yen, which included scallops.

The sushi was fresh although the rice was a bit too sweet for my liking, interesting thing was that the sushi chef was a young female, not a norm when it comes to the whole disciple system that they run.

Prices by the piece
700 yen set
600 yen set

On the side, I also managed to order my favourite dish, the Tamago – which is the egg. It didn’t turn out to be the tastiest eggs, but the texture was good and I tend to place a higher weighting on the texture of the food.

Tamago (Egg)

Overall, the meal satisfied our hunger a little and kept us going for a little longer, the staff were very polite and the female chef/apprentice also had a misunderstanding with me where she started to speak in English and I said “arigato” (Thank you) – which confused her so much that she apologised for thinking I couldn’t speak Japanese (I really can’t)…

Sushi Shogun

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