Garden Terrace Nagasaki – Breakfast Day 2 – Review

There’s something about a good view that makes you relaxed and happy, something about being able to look into the distance and seeing the city makes me feel so tiny in comparison – and that includes our needs and our wants – ultimately, they are just a tiny speck of dust in the big scheme of things.

The view of Nagasaki certainly is something that I just cannot get sick off, and being able to wake up to it was fantastic.

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Just cannot get sick of it

As usual, we went early for our breakfast and again picked the Japanese option, this time, the waitstaff already knew I wanted a double espresso and also didn’t even give me sugar or milk (good memory!).

From top left (Clockwise): Soft poached egg; trout and fish cakes; tea; fried tofu; fish balls and vegetable; miso soup; pickled sides; seaweed; nato beans; rice; sprouts; marinated roe and whitebait

Overall, the dishes were quite similar to the day before apart from the trout and the fish balls, which were both delicious! The great thing about the method they grill trouts in Japan is that they tend to maintain the crispiness of the skin whilst the drier flesh keeps its flavour.

The fish balls were fresh fish paste, and the flavour was great, but the texture was slightly too slimy for my preference. I’m someone who tends to leave my favourite dishes till last, so as much as I was offered so many different items to try, I still finished with my favourite of Nato beans on rice – always hard to fault!

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