Kitsuki Castle, Kitsuki – Experience

There’s something special about Japan when it comes to exploring history, and one of the great things to do is to experience to castles that populate Japan. Typically, Osaka Castle and Nijo castle comes into mind when speaking about Japan, but we were looking for something a little off the beaten path, which brought us to the Kitsuki Castle during our Kitsuki Town Roam.

The Castle itself is on the edge of the town and about 20mins walk from where all the temples we visited are, if you are traveling by car, there is a car-park next to the castle grounds. We walked because it was a good way to burn off some calories.


The day we went was actually incredibly pleasant, and given that there weren’t any other tourists around, you can spend a good amount of time just taking in the surroundings.

Monuments before reaching the castle
Finally here!

Like many castles around Japan, it has been turned into a museum dedicated to the town and its people, for the Kitsuki Castle, given that it was a Samurai town – the theme was obviously about Samurai – the tickets themselves are 300 yen per person and you get a little information booklet along with it.

Tickets – about 300 yen

Inside the museum, there are many displays both about the war armour and also tools used by the Samurai’s.

For me, the highlight was the rice bowl that they use! Being a lover of rice and round things, I just fell in love with the bowl the moment I set eyes on it!


For the 300yen, one of the things you do get is the fact that you get to go to the top of the castle, which offers up one of the more incredible views around town given its height!

Wide view
Overseeing the entire town

On our way back down the hill towards our car, I spotted something silly – didn’t really know what the Japanese said, but the picture spoke for itself.


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