Usuki Museum – Usuki Oita – Experience

For such a small town, Usuki turned out to be a gem for both Ms Buddha and I since that we were able to enjoy a bit of Buddha watching and town roaming, as part of the tickets to the Stone Buddhas, we also got tickets to the Usuki Museum, which was located very close to the car park.


The museum itself runs through the history of Usuki and its famous inhabitants and also about the discovery of ancient artifacts in the area.

When you first enter, you’re met with a model of what the town looked like before:

Model of the town

Although there weren’t a lot of English translated items, it looked like royalty of the era have left their mark on the town.

Armor and Saddle


Impressive helmet

One of the more interest set of items is the “toys” that they uncovered, which was apparently played like cards.

Shell Display
Hand Painted

Like the Kitsuki Castle, Kitsuki – Experience, the thing that always strikes my interest is related to food once again, and it was impressive to see how these “royalty” carried their food around, frankly, if I can get lunchboxes like these, I would be in heaven!

Apart from these items, there were also artifacts that were dug up during the excavation.

Old coins

Apart from being able to explore the place at our leisure and also the fact that whilst this town is small and not many tourists from outside of Japan comes, you notice that the town folks are making a massive effort to attract as much outside tourists as possible. The people we met were incredibly friendly and you can tell that they are there because they were proud of their town and want people to see it, which is definitely a much more genuine feeling compared to in home where people are looking at what colour your credit card is before even looking at your face.

Usuki is definitely worth a visit, and I tend to think that me writing about is the returning the favour for the hospitality that they have shown.

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