“Street Food” in Kwun Tong – Review

While it’s always great to write about the great food that we get to enjoy while traveling, sadly we often neglect the food that is closer to home. As I’ve said before in the Noodle Supreme post, street foods and cart noodles in Hong Kong has changed over the last couple of decades due to hygiene concerns, and with the lack of street vendor permits nowadays, most of the “street food” you can find are now located in an actual shop.

Gut Gut
Not the name of the store, but the location

Ms Buddha and I were shopping for cheap furniture recently (because we rent and why buy expensive furniture when you rent) in Kwun Tong and saw this awesome little store that is run by a bunch of ladies.


When it comes to street food, they seem to have it all the traditional ones, and both Ms Buddha and I were after some breakfast (it was about 1pm – but it was breakfast for me). So I got my regular “Fish Meat Siu Mai” and also “Beef Offal Bowl”.

“Fish Meat Siu Mai” is a very traditional snack in Hong Kong similar to your curry fish balls. It’s effectively flavouring + untraceable amounts of actual fish meat + flour all in the shape of a traditional “Siu Mai”. Generally, you can tell whether these siu mai’s are good by their texture and when they are not overly salty – the ones offered here are excellent on that scale and the fact that their chilli sauce have a good heat to it is a big plus!

Siu Mai
Soft texture with a good firmness on edges!

Next item is the offal – which is excellent – the cuts were all very nicely cooked (not overcooked) – that’s probably because we arrived when they first finished their cooking. And also the items were all very clean – that’s important when it comes to offal – I like them, but I wouldn’t want a mouth full of dirty stuff. Normally the offal is also cooked with Chinese carrots, which Ms Buddha enjoys a lot off! Definitely one of the better ones I’ve had in a while.

Beef Offal
Glorious Offal!

You Might see that these are all on the counter, but you actually don’t eat at the counter because everything is takeaway, when you get your food, you walk away and have it closeby – bins are everywhere so it is very convenient!

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