Chopstick Kee, Central – Review

Continuing with the theme of talking about the local eats in Hong Kong, Ms Buddha and I were craving for cart noodles and Noodle Supreme wasn’t opened (being a Sunday) – so we researched a bit and found an old place that has been in business for many many years. Chopstick Kee – with their name literally translated from their Chinese name.


Once you walk inside, it’s like walking into a time machine back to the time when Hong Kong was still Hong Kong at its prime. Everything inside felt like it had been untouched for years!

Old School setup

The menu itself also looked old and you’re out of luck if you only read English because from memory, only Chinese was available.

A lot more traditional selection than Noodle Supreme – tough not necessarily better

Unlike Noodle Supreme where there’s many choices for offal and different cuts, Chopstick Kee sticks to the more traditional ingredients, so I went with Cuttlefish Ball, Pork Neck and also the Fish Tofu Ball. The chilli paste was quite good and the cuttle fish ball had good taste and texture. To be frank though, the noodles were a little overcooked (soft) and the broth just didn’t taste “right”. Service was surprisingly good though!

Cuttle Fish Ball, Pork Neck and Fish Tofu ball

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