EVA Air Business – Hong Kong to Taipei – Review

EVA Air tends to have several iterations of the business class, one is for their older “regional” types, and then there’s the “medium haul” flights, and then the long distance one.

Lucky enough, for our trip we practically experienced all three version of EVA air’s offering – with our first experience from Hong Kong to Taipei was the older “regional” version, the ones that are like the premium economy seats on the bigger 5 star airlines.

Legroom was very good – surprisingly, which made me feel that premium economy for day flights might not be so bad in the future.

Ample legroom – I’m 5ft7

Soon after takeoff, we were presented with the very glossy and purple menu – but the great thing about EVA Air is that you can book your meals pre-flight, which meant that I had already selected what Ms Buddha and I were going to have. The attendants had the typical Taiwanese charm and politeness which to me were slightly over the top (they are just really really friendly.

The regional business has 8 seats in total – and I don’t really see the point of it for a one hour flight if you’re not connecting anywhere. But more legroom also seem to mean to some people that the next passengers would LOVE to touch the skin cells left by your feet! Sadly, kids tend to be monkey see monkey do, so the daughter also followed suit.

Monkey see monkey do – that’s why parents need to teach by example

After menus were distributed, given that it was a one hour flight, table settings were done very efficiently and food presented to us, Ms Buddha took the Congee and I took the sausage and eggs. Ms Buddha was actually quite pleased with the congee, and the eggs and sausage were actually quite delicious – high marks for EVA Air for the food.

Congee Set


Before you know it, the flight was beginning its landing process into Taipei, one thing that continue to impress me is the incredible efficiency that attendants has during a mere one hour flight – extract points for the incredible work.

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