EVA Air Infinity Lounge – Review

Shortly after landing, we went through Taipei’s security checks, where the staff weren’t much better than Hong Kong (focusing on their phones more than inspecting) – and then found the Infinity Lounge.

From afar
In the distance!

The EVA air lounge is split into 3 lounges, but we were invited to the Infinity Lounge where it looks like a scene from freaken Tron.

Sleek hallway
Tron begins

Overall, the lounge was not that crowded, and I literally forced myself to have more food – seriously I need to take better care of myself in terms of overeating…

Food Area
Where I collected more food for consumption

I took a small portion of buns and also fried rice and polished off the buns and fried rice very quickly. The fried rice itself was actually quite good – so being me, I went back for seconds – Ms Buddha looked in amazement.

Excellent Fried Rice

Once again, no boarding call, which is fine, and we made our way to the gate, the funny thing about Taipei airport is that every gate has their own theme, and our one was a “Hello Kitty” one! If the theme is a bit too much for you, you can walk down where the waiting area is a bit more “normal”

Hello Kitty Waiting area
Sponsored waiting area


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