Kisuke – Osaka Grand Front – Review

Hi all,

After a very very long hiatus because of a very hectic work life – I’m back – when I first heard blogging required persistence, you learn it the hard way, but it is definitely a very meditative process and it makes you appreciate being blessed with the opportunity to explore so many places and eat so many different food! And the most important thing, I get to do this with Ms. Buddha.

SO, to continue where I last off at Osaka – I already mentioned that we stayed at the absolutely amazing Intercontinental Osaka.

Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I love beef tongue, so when we we were inspecting the various dining options available to us around the hotel, the fact that there was a beef tongue restaurant meant that dinner selection was going to be quite simple.

Kisuke is located on level 7 inside the Osaka Grand Front building, the floor itself is typical of a Japanese shopping centre where you get a several floors of restaurants with the fancier ones higher up.

Once sat, I ordered a Yamazaki Highball – which was really nice and a different way to drink the whisky that I normally just drink neat.

Yamazaki highball – perfect to start the evening

Being in addition to beef tongue where I just cannot turn it down, the other thing that I normally don’t turn down is eggs – the Japanese way. These eggs were delicious and very soft on the inside, frankly, I would’ve preferred them just that slightly less hot – but taste wise they were delicious.

Eggs glorious eggs!

Next that came were wagyu sausages – to be honest, any sausage would do just fine – the texture of the sausage was firm and springy, which always makes sausages just that much better! Flavour was quite good, but as I’ve gotten older, wagyu is sometimes a little too fatty for me.

Grounded beef tongue sausage

Next that came was of course the mains – Ms Buddha ordered the beef tongue stew set and I ordered the grilled beef tongue with rice.

Ms. Buddha digged into the stew and really liked it – she also got an extra helping of the eggs with her set. The stew itself was very thick and she said was just that slightly salty.

My grilled tongue was also done just right, although I do think that the meat could have been just a tad more tender (not the very best beef tongue I’ve had). The flavour had a good beef taste to it though. I didn’t have much of the soup because I don’t really drink hot things in general. But the rice paired really nicely with the tongue.

Ms. Buddha’s set – with more eggs
Beef tongue set

Be mindful of the waiting time though, we arrived at about 7pm on a Saturday and had to wait about 30mins – they turnover people quite quickly, but it’s not a very big place.

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