Heizo-Chicken – Snack Review

One great thing about Osaka is that there is a much more vibrant night life compared to most other places in Japan, beer culture tends to make me feel a little more casual than intense like Tokyo.

After the great dinner at Kisuke, we went for a roam around the area and me being me, after the roam, and a proper run – I wanted to stuff myself with more snacks – enter Heizo-Chicken – which is just around the corner from the hotel.

Literally right around the corner
Decided to take a little photo whilst waiting

Heizo-Chicken is just around the corner from the Intercontinental Osaka, and opens till late – it seems to mainly cater for beer drinkers (not me) – but on the outside of the store, there’s a little window for take away – perfect for my late night snack.

Hard to miss – the “take away window” on the left

The selection is pretty simple – small, medium, large number of fried chicken – and a variety of other little things (mainly fried). Still being rational, I went for a small portion of fried chicken to take back to the hotel with me.

Had to use flash – but small size chicken 🙂

The chicken was quite soft, although with fried chicken, it’s really better to eat them fresh even when it’s just a 5 mins walk – the dough had gone a bit soft. Otherwise the taste was quite good.

I also managed to buy some whisky at the 7 eleven (Yamazaki – no year…but what the heck) – to have with some ice so that I can use the cool little ice bucket they had in the room.

Gorgeous ice bucket

Whilst Ms. Buddha and I enjoyed some of the chicken, we enjoyed our favourite activity of watching Japanese TV, the program that was on talked about a station master in rural Japan which has worked in the role for 70 years since he was like 20 – absolutely amazing!

Words up the top says that he is 90!

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